Introductory Plant Taxonomy (Clemson U – Lecture BIOL 4060, 6060 – Lab BIOL 4070, 6070)

Introductory Plant Taxonomy is a four-credit class offered every fall at Clemson.

The objective of the class is to introduce students to plants and plant families using a phylogenetic framework. Throughout the semester, we unravel the evolutionary history of plants and study 82 plant families (only 70 are required for the final). The lecture is closely coordinated with the lab, where students observe, dissect and interact with 82 plant families and over 240 species.

Demo of the lab setup

Although plants presented in the lab are primarily representatives of the flora of South Carolina Piedmont, the class provides strong botanical skills that are transferable to other regions and a strong foundation that students can build upon.

We have facilities conducive to studying and learning Botany. Feel free to come and study (Long Hall B17), consult our specialized library, our teaching collection that is as close as it can get to a real herbarium, access to microscopes, basically, everything you need to learn plants.